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My name is Timothy

I’m a 24 year old male witch and I live in Australia. I have been into witchcraft for a few years but I have only recently started to slowing start living the witchcraft lifestyle. Witchcraft is not something I talk about often because it is hard to talk about it with people because most people would think I’m weird or crazy. But with this website I intend to change

How I Started Witchcraft

As I said I have been into witchcraft for a few yeas with my first experience with witchcraft being in 2016. I have created a few incantation spells over the years that require no ingredients and work well. I enjoy creating my own spells from time to time as it gives me more power and makes my witchcraft more personal.

For a long time this is all I was interested in and wasn’t interested in spells with ingredients until I recently when I started reading some of my witchcraft books that I have. I have quite a few witchcraft books but only just started reading them regularly a little while ago. As I started reading them I became more interested in witchcraft than I ever have been and it was like something clicked in my mind telling this is my destiny and what I’m mean’t to do.

I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason. We go through everything we go through because are meant to learn a lesson from it even the bad things. I also believe that the good things in your life happen because they are mean’t to happen and If something you want in your life doesn’t happen it’s because it’s not mean’t to happen. I have had a tough life and been through a lot but I believe I can things for myself.

I also have psychic abilities and my strongest ones are claircongizance and clairsentience. I also have good telepathy abilities and my clairaudience is quite good as well. My clairvoyance is not that strong as I only sometimes have flashes or visions of things to come and my other psychic abilities are weak and still need a lot of work.

I have always been different from other people because I was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome when I was 10 years old and I have also suffered severe bullying, mental health issues and much more. I often wonder if I really do have asperger’s syndrome or if my differences and disability like behaviour is from my witch instincts and psychic abilities. I may never know but it is something I think about from time to time.

I’m also a Christian and a strong believer in God and Angels. I’m catholic and was raised this way by my family meaning I will carry these beliefs with me for life but it won’t ever stop me from ding witchcraft or change any of my other beliefs. I also believe strongly in ghosts, demons, werewolves, vampires and anything else related to the paranormal and the supernatural. I’m very interested in these things meaning I have an open mind and I will believe things most people won’t believe.

To me witchcraft is a lifestyle and it is a lifestyle that I want to live and I’m slowly making changes in my lifestyle one step at a time to live the witchcraft lifestyle that I want to live. Witchcraft can change people’s life and I want to change my life with witchcraft as well as the lives of other people by doing good things for the world.

What Kind Of Witchcraft Do I Do?

I’m a white witch that likes working on my own as a solitary witch. I don’t know any witches in my local area but even if I did I like being a lone and prefer to work alone. I have never worked well with other people or in groups and I have always like being alone. I’m also like this with witchcraft and enjoy doing it alone. I want to help other people with witchcraft to but I also want to keep doing my own spells and witchcraft alone.

I’m strongly attracted to pentagrams and the moon. I love the moon and have always liked the night more than day. I also enjoy the long nights in winter. I often have trouble sleeping at night and there has been no medical reason found for my sleeping problems leading me to believe it is something to with me being a witch. I enjoy doing all types of spells and rituals. My favourite types of spells are healing spells, money spells and protection and banishment spells.

But I enjoy all types of spells and rituals including creating my own spells as I said earlier. I also enjoy cleansings and blessings and divination including angel cards, tarot cards, astrology, numerology, ouija boards and much more. I like and enjoy anything witchcraft related as well as anything related to the paranormal, the supernatural, divination, psychic abilities and anything else related to these topics. I also enjoy reading, researching and discussing these topics.

The only thing I don’t like and the only rule of this website is I don’t do evil things. I hate evil and don’t do black magic, satanism, devil worshiping or anything related to evil. I fight evil and I have never and will never do anything like this meaning there will be nothing related to evil on this website. All paths are welcome on this website except for anything evil like I just discussed. I’m sorry if this upsets or offends anyone but the witches haven is a safe place and only for all things good including white witchcraft.

The Goal Of The Witches Haven

I created the witches haven as a place to share my knowledge, research and experience with witchcraft and topics related to witchcraft. I also want to build a community of like minded people that will enjoy reading my articles and content as well make it a safe place for witches around the world to learn, engage and connect with me and other witches and like minded people.

I’m currently a member of a few witchcraft groups on my Facebook which I love being a part of there are many of these groups on Facebook and other social media websites. There are also many forums, blogs and other websites dedicated to witchcraft but I want to build my own website and community as something I own and as a place where I can write my own articles and witchcraft related content and share it with the world.

I hope I get to achieve this one day and get to build the community I want. I look forward to meeting you and connecting with you through my content on this website. If you ever need a hand or if you have questions or just want to say hello please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me via email anytime.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing from you. Blessed Be everyone.

All the best

Timothy Balla



  1. This is an beautiful website and I love your ideas. I believe if many of us witches can connect from around the world we can significantly learn that which has been taken from us for many years….our traditions and history of different covens passed from generation to generation. I also feel that what was taken from us was our ability to hone our natural abilities. Since society looks down on anything that is different we were not encouraged as young witches to strengthen our abilities. I love what you are doing my fellow witch. I was raised a Christian as well. I think that people hear the word witch and because religion has tried to destroy our people everyone naturally thinks we do evil. That is so so far from the truth. We believe in god. Angels. Good. Healing. That was the misunderstanding of us that was made so many years ago. Thank you for getting out this information and setting people right to understanding that we are loving healing and good people. Blessed be.

    • Hello Emily

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I’m glad you like my website and it makes me happy to know other witches have found my website and are interested in it. I’m sorry for the late reply I have been really busy with work and I just saw your comment. I agree with what you have said and you are right religion along with the history of witchcraft has taken away a lot of things from us. Thank you so much again for your comment and for your kind words as well as for taking the time to check out my website. I look forward to hearing more from you and connecting with you in the future. Blessed Be.



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